Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Watch out world here comes Hank!

Yesterday Charley's world expanded as he began preschool. This afternoon Henry's world opened up as he mastered crawling. His curiousity (shown by the furrowed brow), his excitement (shown with flapping arms), and his pride (shown with a smile when he catches your eye in mid-crawl) can keep his mother entertained for hours. It amazes me how these little beings enter our world and it continues to amaze me how they master the world all on their own. Daddy will rush home from work today to witness his sons accomplishment and watch as Henry finds every unsafe thing in our house. Our job as parents has just gotten a lot more difficult, now that we no longer have a baby who is happy sitting on a blanket cooing. I wish Henry many safe journeys as he figures our world out. He looks forward to showing off his new skill...come see! Come see!

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