Thursday, September 11, 2008

Conflicted in letting her boys grow up-

So today I need to admit a few things. I may be having trouble letting both of my boys grow up. First off, Daddy arrived home yesterday to witness Henry's mastery of crawling (as quoted in yesterday's blog) and only witnessed an attempt to crawl. He has not mastered crawling yet. He does move forward in a crawling motion but he is not quick or a master. So why was I so quick to celebrate him crawling when selfishly I have to admit to the most wonderful summer. Henry sat on blankets, laid in strollers, and even hung out in a little beach tent thingy...No worries that he would venture far.

Charley's second day of preschool was today. We hopped in the car excited. While pulling in and parking Charley informed me that he wanted to walk in by himself. Being the mama who isn't ready to let him go, insisted on walking him in today - promising that next week he can journey in by himself.

Two sons...both growing up way to fast. I am trying to enjoy every moment and not rush them to the next milestone. So sad to think this time is going so fast and yet it is so exciting to cheer them on. Being a mom is hard.


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Oh Sarah - so well put! I find myself able to cherish the moments more now that I have a second child. I remember wanting Braden to reach all the milestones and now they are going too fast for me to keep track of. You're right - being a mommy is hard!

molly said...

You're right, Sarah! I can't believe our Landon is 11 months already. I agree with the previous comment that we tend to excitedly encourage them with our first- now with Landon I'm encouraging him to slow down- stay little!!
Memories-- Hold and cherish them!


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