Friday, September 12, 2008


For the last two weeks we helped out friends and watched their little girl. For the last two weeks Charley had a playmate and it was really fun to see where their imaginations took them. They played: fancy dinner, school, house, etc. I stayed out of it most of the time and just listened while puttering around the house.

Charley of course takes on the roll of daddy. McKenna was of course the mommy. They sometimes took turns being the baby or kid. What I have to admit to hearing...things like "I am going to grill, I am going to nurse the baby, I will pour you some wine, Would you like a beer?" All things that are said at our house. Our children roll play and all of a sudden you get a good look at what you must look like to them. What a reality check! I can guess that he will play this at preschool because after the first two days of preschool Charley informed me, "The kitchen area was still closed mama, Why?" The teacher doesn't know me and I am not there to defend myself. I only hope that the teacher realizes that I don't drink wine with breakfast and the daddy in our house doesn't nurse our baby, and wine and beer are an occasional treat here...not a daily replacement for milk and water. They are sponges soaking all that we share with them up.

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