Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Raina!

I have a sister, her name is Raina. I sometimes call her Raina Bird. She isn't just a sister she is my friend. We talk every day numerous times through email. She has shown incredible excitement in milestones in my life. She is special to my boys. She is too far away but we make it work. My favorite place in the whole world is the cottage with my family, especially my sister. Here are a few moments that we have shared together. Friday, September 12th she turns 28! I am jealous that she is still in her upper 20's and not in her early 30's like me. But I know that what awaits her next couple of years are more adventures with her fantastic husband Andy. My sister seems to sometimes ...well often times get stressed out about big things and little things. This weekend she is flying to Colorado for a friends wedding. I wish her a get away weekend full of relaxation. You have a great life! Celebrate! We all love you in Minnesota!

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