Thursday, September 11, 2008

Proud to announce...

I have some great friends who always comment on things I come up with to do with my boys. I was a teacher, and still am a teacher, just not practicing with the public education system at this time. It is hard to turn off the creativity that drove me to enter into the field of education. So when silly crafts, games, and other projects come to me, I go with it. My son, Charley, loves projects. His grandma Barb, can attest to his love of projects because she has been here when he begs for a project. Anyways...with the encouragement of some good teacher friends and mommy friends I contacted the Prior Lake-Savage Community Ed office and proposed a class idea. So this winter, starting in January----if I get 10 moms, I will be teaching a class. The class will revolve around my job right now...being a mom. It will be a chance to keep "teaching" while also sharing my silly ideas that, pardon my language, are pulled from my a&% when needed. The class will offer mom's a place to share ideas, hear about the silly things I do with my son, and to make and take materials to keep their little tots busy. Anyways, kind of excited, kind of scared, but know that with the friends I have I will learn and grow from this experience. If you know of someone who is looking for things to do with their 2-5 year old keep your eyes on the Community Ed winter catelog. I am working on the description and title for my class next week. EEEEEK!


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Good Luck Sarah! Wish I was closer so I could take it :)

gschneider said...

That's great! You know, I take it for granted that people just do the things that you do. I'm sure the other mom's will find it invaluable.


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