Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This evening at dinner we were discussing how Henry won't eat his baby food. And Charley finally said,
"that is just because he likes breasting. You should just breast him, mama."
I said, What did you say?
He said "Breasting"
I said "Brushing"
He said no Breasting
Ed and I looked at each other.

I said what is that. He replied,
"When you nurse him, or feed him."
I said, "Oh, where did you hear that word"
He said, "No where, that is just what I say."

Okay, so we do not use the word breast in our house...at least not very often. I do not talk about breastfeeding anymore. However, I am still nursing Henry and Charley understands this concept. He surprises us and astounds us with the things he comes up with.

1 comment:

Raina said...

i can just picture him saying this-although...i would pay money to have been there.


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