Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another stage...this too shall pass...I hope...

If you have a boy around the age of 2-5 and he has just been potty trained and he is starting to wear big boy underwear...tell me, do you deal with issue or is it only my son.

Everyday when he gets dressed I give Charley his clothes or he goes and picks out his underwear and he puts them on...BACKWARDS! He thinks this is the best. "I like them like this."

The thing is that they ride high on his butt cheeks and even more funny is when he comes down to show me which ones he chose and then heads back upstairs with just his underwear on....it looks hilarious...because his little bubble butt fills them out so funny.

So is my son just crazy or did they just make an error when designing boys underwear...should they have put the main picture on the front instead of the back so he can see the picture...although he has pairs that don't have pictures in one particular spot and he still prefers them backwards. Or maybe he just knows it bugs me. Either way...if this doesn't fix itself, his daddy has some interesting man to man talks ahead of him.

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April said...

Oh my gosh, too funny. Yes, it's true they do put the picture on the back don't they. I haven't had that issue yet with underwear but I have with t-shirts. Gavin will say it's on backwards if the cool picture is in the back! Sarah, he sounds completely normal!! :)


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