Monday, June 23, 2014

weekend fun

 This weekend we tackled two summer bucket list items....
I took Sydney and Henry fishing.  Ed lapped the lake on his bike and Charley tossed a baseball.
Meanwhile, Henry and I caught three bullheads, ick.  And Sydney was a great practicing her casting and helping to net the fish.  Henry was quite disappointed when we decided to wrap it up yesterday after only three fish.  But it was raining.   So this morning we will head to get an actual fishing license for mama and some better bait (we had the tiniest worms from our garden).  And we will try again.  

Saturday night we headed to the big city for the St. Paul Saints baseball game.  
Family friendly and an adventure.  Our seats were in right field and looked directly into the setting sun.  So fun for me and my camera to capture the sun...but to watch the game it was kind of annoying.  And it was HOT.  
Didn't end up being my favorite thing, but it was family time.  

And today is Monday!  Charley has golf camp in the mornings this week.  So Henry and Sydney and I will take on some mini morning adventures.  Big week over here for other reasons.  But, we will rock it.  What's on your agenda?


Raina and Andy said...

Work. Speech for Hugh. Volleyball for andy. Tball for Eli. Brewer game for me! Schneider Family picnic on Sunday!

Barb said...

Why is it a big week for other reasons? How was wine evening?

gschneider said...

What an awesome picture of Charley. He's getting so big!


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