Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 minute ramble

This week I am flying solo.  Ed had work travel which he hasn't had to for a bit.  But with summer it is a LOT of time with all three.  But we are doing well.   And for the first time I am falling asleep at a decent hour when he isn't here...probably all the outside time and busy.  

Charley is loving golf camp with three friends in the mornings.  
I took Henry and Syd fishing one morning. 
They had friends here yesterday.
They both got to hit some balls while we waited for Charley one day.  
I spent almost two hours mowing yesterday.
Last night soccer practice weather was absolutely gorgeous.  I didn't want it to end. 
We had swimming lessons on Tuesday and then again tonight.  
Tuesday I thought it was kids eat for 99 cents night at a local restaurant and since I was sweaty from sitting at the pool for swim lessons for two hours we stopped.  And then found out it was 99 cent night the next night.  Sigh.  
All five of us are so anxious for next week when we get to venture up to the north woods to celebrate the fourth of July.  We love our traditions and we haven't been up there for forever.  
I am demanding the boys do a 5 minute pick up right now, but they aren't moving.  
Because I mowed, the inside of our house is a pit.  

Thanks to friends and golf camp, I might have an hour or two to myself this morning.  
When you get time like that, do you panic and fret that you are going to choose to spend it wrong, like me?  I am vowing once it is alone time I am NOT going to worry about it.  Whatever I do with it is what I needed.  

Time to get them picking up.  It really makes such a difference with my mood when we spend 5 minutes.  I just wish I didn't have to beg, yell, and threaten that there will be no more summer fun if they can't do this pick up.   So here we go!  

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