Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This week and a few rambles

Things are different around here this week.  The boys are both at all day invention camp.  So that means Syd and I are getting a sneak peek at what fall of 2014 will be like.  So we kicked off our mother daughter time with a donut.  She has had a playdate and some time just at home.  We took bike rides and did our normal Target shop.  It will be a transition come fall.  But it is a great reminder this week, the second week of summer, to relish having all three underfoot.  

So far this summer we have had a great variety of at home, outing, friend, and just us time.  
I have not made plans too far in advance.  Guiding our activity by our moods and energy.  

Tonight all three have swim lessons.  One is at 4:15.  One is at 4:30.  And one is at 5:15.  
Syd and I made egg salad so when we get home we can just eat!  
Tonight daddy gets his father's day gift and we will all possibly hit the road on our bikes :)
So fun to all have wheels.  Syd loves her "carriage" and goes along for the ride, especially if there is a park involved.  

The grass needs mowing. 
Ed and I are watching Game of Thrones.  I never thought I would like it.  But I am hooked.  
I am excited for Orange is the New Black but, haven't had time yet to watch that.  
 I finally, after many months, made it to the gym on Monday morning.  
It felt good.  Today I am sore, but got out for a bike ride pulling two in the carriage.  Trying to fit that back into my life.  

Feel like I am doing better with the blogging.  Anyone out there reading this besides my mom and sister?   What are you loving this summer?


shellycoulter said...

Whoa...she sure is looking so grown up! :) I didn't realize how tall she is already! Beautiful little lady!

Grandma Charlie said...

I'm here, Sarah!

Barb said...

Does Syd have blisters from the flip flops? Or maybe she's a natural fashion-ista. I am loving the green grass and that everything is growing wonderfully this summer so far. Everything! No jackets or sweaters ever! Now if I could only go barefoot at work.

Stacey said...

I'm here. I love that face Syd is making in that first picture at the table. She seems to be thinking, Geez Mom can I eat the donut already? I'm loving that my boys are enjoying all sorts of summer activities right now (day camps, library programs, etc) and knowing that our summer will shift from planned/structured activities to more free activities (like our annual tour of area parks and playgrounds) soon.


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