Wednesday, June 11, 2014

These three are swimming...

I call it my swimming lesson sauna workout.  
Tuesdays and Thursdays these next few weeks will put me sweating at the pool for a good hour and a half.  The kids lessons are somewhat staggered.  So not only am I sitting there in the humidity.  But I am also moving from one side of the pool to the other, showering kids, and keeping track of goggles, towels, and impatient children...all while trying to look patient, pulled together, and completely aware of all their swim progress!  HA!  When we got home Ed asked, "What's wrong?"  Um, I think what I just described might be what's wrong.  It should get better.  I won't have to write their swim lanes on my hand in pen and I will pack more entertainment for the kids sitting and waiting.  Meanwhile, the light at the pool makes me want to snap!  So let's throw that into the workout!  

What are your kids doing these days to keep busy?
Invention camp, swim lessons, and soccer on this weeks menu!

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