Monday, February 10, 2014

Wrapped around her finger

I know I post a LOT more of Syd these days.  I figure in the next two years this blog will just be about we will have ALL day together without the boys :(

But this gal of mine.  She has me wrapped around her finger at bedtime.  She has me all trained to sit in there while she falls asleep.  The babysitters don't have to do that.  Just me.  I can use my phone or iPad to read emails or crush candy, thank goodness,....  She likes the light that it emits.  And she drinks her "smoothie" milk drink that fills her little belly before bed.  And then she falls asleep.  And Ed has caught on that sometimes I sit in there longer than needed. 

But, here is the thing.  This girl is awake all day long.  She rises around 5am.  And she doesn't nap.  And she is 3 so she is very much under foot all day.  And so when she finally starts breathing slow and steady.  And I can hear her little sleepy sounds.  I just relish it.  It brings me back to when I used to nurse her.  Her room smells like her.  And I just love those quiet moments, sitting in her space.  

And as a bonus...I get to listen to Ed work his magic with the boys.  
So he might think I am avoiding putting the boys to bed, too.  (maybe a little) And he might think I am just crushing candy (maybe a little).  But really, I am just soaking in the quiet sleepy sounds of my best little friend, who is with me ALL. DAY. LONG.  Because, 5 minutes after she is sleeping....I kind a miss her.  

Until I crawl into bed and look at the clock and realize that I will be hanging out with her in 7 hours.  Damn. 

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Anonymous said...

Love this post and I can relate on so many levels! Evelyn (my 4 yr old) is a little stinker, but when she is gone (playdate at my mom's - doesn't happen that often though) I miss her dearly. Also, when she naps (I know - sorry she does still nap - touchy subject for you) I have to sit right by the door and write in my diary - she says "mom sit by the door and write in your diarrhea" - ha! Then she falls to sleep and I can hear her soft breathing sounds too - what a wonderful sound! Jamie Trampe


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