Friday, February 7, 2014

She reminds me...

We were gifted this scrapbook, not long after Syd was born.  
And Syd loves to carry it around and look at herself as a baby.  
And tonight, Ed arrived home late for dinner.  And I actually made Pioneer Woman's Chicken there was a big pan of YUM for him to eat.  So he sat down.  And we were all done and moving about...but, Syd wandered over and plunked down this book and talked through this whole album with him.  

With all the digital and so many opportunities to just use our phone to take pictures...we often times forget to do that final step...and print a few.  Slip them into an album and let them tell the story of life to our little ones.  Our children LOVE to look at pictures of themselves and those they love.  And when you think of your own life, you realize that many of your earliest memories are based off of pictures!  Pictures that our parents took on film, drove to the store, handed them to the lady at the counter...waited a week, hoping and praying that they weren't all a blurry or a blacked out mess.  Ordering pictures now a a days - far less of a crap shoot.  BUT, still just as exciting!  

So be reminded!  Print some off!  Especially some with you in there with your kiddos.  

Thanks Nickie!  What a treasure you gifted us.  Her baby book is otherwise my blog.  Poor girl!  

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