Wednesday, January 15, 2014

super cape rambles

Good morning, friends!  

This week is a super mama cape wearing week for me.  And in my email this morning was a treat for Starbucks from my sister!  So after getting the boys off to school, I made a quick stop and am now enjoying a steaming chai latte.  Maybe a new favorite beverage.  Love that there is a drive thru and I can wear my winter hat and my "pj/yoga/lazy ass pants." 

This week I was determined to utilize the gym in the afternoons for a break from my non napping little almost three year old.  But what a joke, having the energy to get to the gym when flying solo....One big laugh!  No energy for that...So this morning when I was throwing on some yoga pants and my winter hat to run the boys to school....I had a moment of feeling like I was losing weight, without working out and eating the most massive bowl of Chicken Wild Rice soup at the ski hill yesterday.  And then I remembered that I have worn these yoga pants most of the last three days...and they are stretching out more and more with each hour they are enjoyed.....sigh..... 

If you are home all day with your you notice some days you get obsessed with some random task and realize that night that you really didn't get all that you should have done completed?   

Yesterday, I took to our city's Facebook garage sale site and posted a bunch of kid/baby crap that we are done with.  And BAM!  I sold $80 worth of stuff to one mama who rolled up while the snow fell and trucked it all away!  Felt so accomplished!  But then realized that the dishes on the counter were mounded since Monday.  And there was crap all over that I had dragged up from the basement to take pictures of and post on the site.  So really...didn't accomplish much.  

Today, I am focused on Miss Sass and getting the house pulled together.  
And maybe picking up the shovel to take care of the drift pile covering our front walk.  

It is Wednesday - Life is so good.  So good.  Even if you are feeling drained, tired, sick, crabby, pmsy, lonely, anxious, sad, is so good.  Find the little things today and focus on them.  That's what I am doing!  And have yourself a dance party!  Thanks little sis for the coffee treat!  Made. My. Day.  

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Anonymous said...

I realphabetized my spices on Tuesday and it felt so great, even though other to do items sat there frowning at me.


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