Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Monday!

Today I tried to capture just the orange.  But little sis here couldn't stay away.  Because we scored on this weeks bag of clementines.  Some bags are just so so.  Some aren't good at all.  But when you get a good, it feels like you struck gold.  So my hands smell like oranges and Syd has learned to peel oranges...but, she peels them in the most wee little peel shreds imaginable and I am not sure it was worth the lesson.  The mess is annoying. 

 Henry turned 6.  That post is coming.  But this picture...pretty much sums up 'Our Henry' and who he is becoming. 

With each year that passes he grows and becomes more himself and more sure of letting others see who Henry is.   Seeing his proud smile as he came down the hill yesterday, during his brother's big ski race day, just shows that he isn't going to stand on the sidelines of life watching much longer.   More on our new 6 year old later this week! 

But this kid is six.  For real. 

And this kid is 9.  And he had his first away ski race.  We left the house before the sun was even peeking out.  And we spent the day at a new ski hill.  Many emotions were felt by this mama.  Many things were learned.  Skiing is new to me.  I don't know the etiquette of the ski chalet and lodge.  The whole thing is chaos to me. But, by the end of the day I was feeling a little more comfortable and less like an impostor.  

Did you know that they don't really call 'long underwear' that anymore.  They call it base layer.  Now you know and can talk more cool like me.  

A child fell on the hill and injured her leg.  I watched her get brought down the hill on a sled that was pulled by a snow mobile.  Then OF COURSE, she hung out by the table right by ours in the afternoon.  Her leg was in a cardboard brace that they have at the ski hills so they can cut it to fit all ages and sizes.  She sat there all afternoon looking miserable, alone most of the time, because her sister was racing.  I thought the whole thing was gross.  I think dad should have pulled sister out of the race and taken the poor girl home so she could get the X-rays and some relief.  I don't have his mindset.  I thought it was irresponsible and WRONG.  No racing was that serious yesterday.  None.  

Lesson learned at lunch hour.  EVERYONE comes into the lodge to eat.  NEXT time we will pack our lunch or at least Charley's.  This way they don't have to spend time standing in line waiting for food that is WAY too expensive.  As soon as lunch hour passed the lodge cleared out and my soup would have been that much more enjoyable!  Although, the family sitting with us at lunch shared that they always have the intention of packing a lunch but, when it comes down to never happens.  Lessons learned.  

And bringing Henry and Syd to an all day race is slightly crazy this year.  It is WAY too long of a day for them to sit around and wait.  Charley had four races.  We saw one race.  We were there for another but, they don't announce the kid until they are down the hill and so we missed it because I was looking down at Syd who was roaming about, dropping her mittens, or whining for a snack.  Our time will come when all of us can go and be there with ease.  But this year, just not really logical.  

 This ski thing is so awesome though.  My fear is slowly turning into a desire to try it myself.  And after lunch when it was close to 12:30 when he was supposed to meet his team back out at the hill he went.  All. BY. HIMSELF.  And in between races he was going up and down the hill on the chair lift making runs down the hill.  He is building such independence.  He is exercising his ability to make good choices.  He is gaining confidence being out there on his own.  I am SO SO proud of him and so thankful for such a vibrant and safe place for him to grow. 

And rumor has it this little squirt is going to give it a try by the end of the week, possibly!  

It is a week where I would give anything to live closer to family.  But, I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends that offer help and encouragement.  And our world is so connected that emails and texts from family remind me I am not alone.  Lower expectations.  Faking it til we make it during those moments when I am on the verge of losing it.   And thriving not just surviving.  Let's rock this week like the bag of clementines we got at the grocery store this week!  

What is sweet about the week ahead for you and your family?


Grandma Charlie said...

Love this post, Sarah!

Beth said...

We're at the phase where milestones no longer come that easliy. The kids still put in the same amount of effort (actually more) yet time improvements at swim meets happen less frequently. Your post has prompted me, how can I show the same excitement now as I did when they were little and making improvements? We're still spending the entire weekend at the do we keep it fun for everyone?!

Raina and Andy said...

love this post. great pictures and i like the update about the big race. i know you'll grow confidence as you figure it out. base layer. haha. what color is your base layer? i figured out that charley had used the pickle duct tape to attach his number on his "jersey"? (I'm sure that is the wrong term). sweet for the week ahead----a roeder family wedding-a night to dance it all away! RR

shellycoulter said...

What fun for your little guys!! :) You must try it! It is so much fun!!


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