Friday, January 31, 2014

Arguments I am winning

Arguments I am winning...but, only in my own head.

1.  Working out makes me feel like I am losing weight, even if I haven't lost any.

2.  Not sending a can of pop with Charley today on his field trip was the right choice.  (He was not a happy camper and instead ALL morning that his teacher said they could pack anything in their lunch.  And I explained that sending anything is a test that I passed today.)

3.  Convincing Sydney that mama doesn't need company every time she goes to the bathroom.  (Seriously.  Someday, when I visit her at her college apartment and she pops in to use her bathroom I am going to stand by the door and sharply turn the knob back and forth and whine "I want to come in too." over and over and over.)

4.  Our girl Syd is ruling the roost over here and I am determined to start winning....that means, I don't need to carry her down the stairs at the moment.  (I don't have to give her a snack every time she asks.  And she doesn't need to watch a show whenever she wants.  There are going to be some major tantrums like the one happening right now, because I won't carry her down the stairs.  But I am wondering, I am always tired when I cry.  Maybe our girl Sal will start napping again if she stops winning and I start winning.  Probably not. )

5.  It's 5 o'clock somewhere.  Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your rough moments. But you will rock it. Time to win, watch out world! Rr

Anonymous said...

I laughed out oud at number 3 and read it to grandpa bob. I so remember those days!!!B


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