Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quick catch up

Today we ran errands from 9am until 4pm.  
We did squeeze in moments of fun like lunch at the park (at 2pm). 
Building with blocks at Barnes and Noble.
And she walked the entire day...not once did she need to ride in the cart!  

This guy has been so patient and supportive of me and my hobby's and big ideas. 
He is giving me time to explore new challenges and has given up tiling the bathroom for a bit so that I have this time.
Looking forward to date night this weekend. 

Big brother came home with a fancy bracelet ...made from a Rainbow loom or something. 
Henry fell apart because he wanted one.  I went to three stores looking for the kit to get them started.  They are sold out EVERYWHERE.  

Returning home today with this kid in tow, I found a message on our phone.  The nurse had called and wanted a call back.  Charley hadn't said was past 4pm.  I was so scared I would have to wonder all night why she called.  But the nurse called.  She wanted to inform me that Charley had bonked his head on the playground.  She laughed when my response was, "So you aren't calling to tell me he has lice?"  I have so many friends that have had lice visit their house and I am in constant fear of dealing with this.  It sounds like SO much work. 

This weekend will end our soccer season.  
Next week Charley will have his first ski team meeting.  
This fall season of soccer has been incredible when it comes to weather.  
Gorgeous golden nights. 

Anyone out there? 
Always pondering letting this space take a break.  
But then always feel so good when I take a moment to breathe here. 
What's new with you?


gschneider said...

What's new? Oh, the usual. Fox is loving the cooler weather. Liz is off to surprise a friend in the Twin Cities this weekend. I'm home writing my way to a new job (hopefully) and taking care of the dog. Love the updates and the pictures. Don't take a break :)

Grandma Charlie said...

Like Greg, I love the pictures and updates, glimpses of the kids in action. Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Don't take a break - we are out there and LOVE your blog! I smiled at the lice part =) Jamie Trampe


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