Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Friday! GO!

As a mama who has been a "stay at home mom" for almost 6 years...
I sometimes miss my teaching career.
I sometimes wonder if I am contributing enough, setting a good example, and worry others judge by wondering what I do all day. 

He is not saying anything to cause conflict with the incredible working moms, who amaze me, because I can't imagine balancing it all anymore.  
He just gives a little shout out to the moms that spend their days devoted to the job at home.
And defends their choice by saying it is worth it. 

Which I sometimes wonder about?
It is hard to give up a big part of who you are to stay at home. 
And it definitely doesn't fit everyone's personality - or even mine some days ;)


It is Friday. 
We are off to a good start.  
Boys off to school. 
Henry had a field trip.  
Syd had her class and proudly wore her tutu for the fourth day in a row.  So proud (said while rolling my eyes.)
Princess Sophie had a picnic lunch with my two littlest, because there was a new Halloween special and it was my moment to sit down and type this.
We have a busy weekend full of soccer, photo shoots, family time, fall adventures, leaf raking, and whatever else we can fit in.  

It is MID - October people!  
You best be digging into your pumpkin recipes, apple snacks, pumpkin gathering, leaf raking, and cider drinking shenanigans! 


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