Monday, September 9, 2013

My sidekick

We have had another stretch of "Sydney won't nap" days. 
They are hard.  Especially hard this time around because she is also waking typically one time in the very early mornings, between 2-4 am.  Sometimes she just needs a quick fix and other times she is demanding I sleep in there.  In survival mode I have done that.  But the last week it has been 4:45 waking up and I go in, no success getting her resettled...I leave thinking we'll let her fuss and she loses it.  Not a big deal if it was the middle of the night when the boys are in their deep sleep time..but between 5 and 6 I worry she will wake them.  So we have had early mornings, no naps, and a girl who won't let daddy put her to bed.  

So basically, Sydney and I are spending only from 4:45am-7pm-ish together.  Non-stop.  
Is that like 15 hour days?  

Daddy went on a well deserved golf weekend so I was solo mama for the weekend.  Not a big deal, but I don't sleep well when he is gone, and Syd isn't sleeping well....and so this morning when she woke 5 minutes before my alarm was to go off for the gym (4:45)...I just about lost it.  I have been determined to get back to fitting in a workout.  It just is hard.  

So after we dropped off Henry and Charley we went the gym.  
She had a hard time with me leaving her in the child care area...but, she quickly stopped crying. 
I got to sweat..not because it is record temps out today (which it is).  
I got to do something for me.  

And guess what?  She was all smiles when I picked her up 40 minutes after dropping her off.  
We hung out the rest of the morning. 
She proudly told Henry she went to the gym.
And she is napping!  HOLY COW!  

It is time for me to let go of the guilt of going to the gym during the day when she is awake and with me.  It is silly for me to think I HAVE to only go when it is still dark out.  She still will have like 12 hours of wake time with me today.  Plenty...right?  

Love this girl, but this wanting only mama stage is starting to really wear me down. 
Ed said this week I am to leave in the evening so she has to accept that he is putting her to bed. 
Bless him for insisting...because, for me, it is just easier to just do it.  
He also insists I still go workout in the morning when she wakes like that...I just have a hard time leaving when she is already up.  Or has been up so close to my alarm going off.  
I am lucky he is so supportive.  

Nap time continues...this mama has a list so long of all the things she could do with this time.  

P.S.  Henry left me at the stairs where all the other parents leave their kiddos today!  First time!  He walked to his classroom all on his own.  SO proud of him.  


Grandma Charlie said...

Beautiful girl, and so proud of Henry!

Anonymous said...

Great point! I don't go to the gym bc when I wake up early so does the baby and then I figure it's not going to work out. But they get 23 hours of our day 60 minutes for a work it is well deserved. Thanks for that perspective. JG (RR's friend)

Barb said...

Could you sneak in a photo of Henry walking off to class? Ahhhh, what a BIG boy! Love these pics of gorgeous Syd and yes, you spend plenty of time with her and she can thrive in her "gym".

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

She's become quite the little girl, crazy how that happens. Love the boots but then we know I am a shoe lover. That first cute.

Raina and Andy said...

Looooove the boots.

Credit and more credit. I give it to you. The sleep thing boggles my mind.

Yu deserve and need the workout. Maybe daily or very other day socialization at the gym will prep your extrovert (syd) get ready to transition to school easier than mr, h? Rr


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