Tuesday, August 20, 2013

summer is coming to an end round these parts

This is our last week of summer. 
Such mixed emotions. 
Our evenings are littered with back to school night type activities.
Our days are crammed with all the last minute summer things we want to all fit in.
Our school backpacks have been washed and are starting to get packed with the supplies that the teachers have requested.  Do you pull out last years ruler or do you get a new ruler for your kiddo?  Such a dilemma.  We get mostly all new supplies..but I can proudly say that the pottery barn backpacks with their names embroidered on them ...that I thought were a splurge when they were starting their first year of preschool are still looking new!  Charley has been using his for 6 year.  

The teacher in me can't resist stocking up on paper, markets, glue, paints, and everything else this time of year too.    

Charley was so proud to tell dad that he saved money on his school supplies using an old blue school tool box we had laying around the house.  (ooo!  that probably saved us 97 cents - but it's a start).  

Charley has been waking all excited for the days adventures.
Yesterday, it was a playdate with a buddy and a spur of the moment beach trip with friends. 
Today we did the pool and all came home drained from the sun. 
I told him that we are trying to have summer burnout by August 26th when they head off to school.
He said he already has summer burn out.  He is really excited for school.  Makes my heart smile. 

I have one kid who can't wait and I have one kid who wouldn't get his Kindergarten hair cut this weekend.  It is going to be a tough transition again for Mr. Henry but he will survive and thrive.  I know it. 

As summer winds down, what are you looking forward to as the seasons turn from summer to fall? 
What are you trying to fit in with your kids?

 Three months of lack of routine to an overload of routine by mid September.
Reality is about to hit and it is exhausting these changes of seasons. 

I am looking forward to the evenings getting darker a wee bit earlier...it calms us all. 
I am looking forward to apple season.
I am looking forward to more structured meals...as lunch will happen after we pick up Charley and family dinner hour will be prioritized, since hot summer days don't get me excited to heat up the kitchen or spend time indoors prepping. 
I am looking forward to new activities and jeans.  
I am looking forward to the break that the boys will have from each other because they have hit the "We love each other and we show it by rough housing with smiles until someone gets hurt."

I am NOT looking forward to homework, less time for brothers to hang out, and less spur of the moment adventures with my trio.  

It's life.  It keeps trucking along.  Best to embrace the new seasons and not cry that they are over...or at least not cry too much.  

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