Monday, August 19, 2013

Kid Activity: Paper mache bowls

As our summer starts to wind down we have been squeezing in lots of fun.  And amazingly, lots of it is just simple stuff at home.  One day we spent the morning outside in our driveway with water balloons, our blue kiddie pool, and pizza man delivered pizza - just because.  Some days we go on an adventure outing and return home sun kissed and tired.   Other mornings we get our craft on:  

Paper Mache Bowls


Newspaper cut up into strips
A bucket filled with paper mache goop (1 part water to 1 part flour- for three small bowls I used three cups of each)
A bowl for each child wrapped in saran wrap
paint if you want to decorate it

1.  Prep the newspaper strips and bowls.  Wrap the bowls in saran wrap so that the outside of the bowl is well covered in saran. 

2.  Find a spot that can get messy...we still have a spot on our driveway with dried up flour/water mixture on it.   It should disappear with a good rain :) 

4.  Kiddos dunk a piece of the the newspaper into the bowl of goop and let it drain off a bit.  Then they wrap the outside of the upside down bowl in the wet newspaper.  Try and do it smooth and thick.  Don't do the inside of the bowl.  Just the outside. 

5.  Let it dry!  A day if you leave it in the sun outside, or longer.

6.  Then pop it off the saran wrapped bowl and paint it!  

Let your kids paint the bowls if you want.  


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

today is an art day.
we are doing various art projects..this was added to the list. our bowls are drying outside in the sun. we'll see if they are ready to paint tomorrow!

Raina and Andy said...

I'm gonna do this with Eli soon. Will make it into a reward or job or naughty jar or something. Rr


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