Friday, August 9, 2013

Real moments as a mom

Real Life Moment:

I've frequented Target too many times this week.  Grocery shopping, school supply shopping, out of creamer shopping, and weekend guests are coming to stay shopping.  Everytime we stopped at the bakery for the free cookie I ducked my head in shame and didn't make eye contact.  It is not my goal to go there so often.

Lately, every time I have had to opt for the HUGE cart where the kids get seat belted in the separate chairs that extend off the cart.  Why?  Not because I LOVE or have any ability to drive that sucker around without having to apologize to everyone and everything in our path...but because Sydney stays put in that seat.  She is strapped in better and can't turn around and do fancy tricks.  She just rides safe.  But that cart is long and can be frustrating to me and others.

The other day I parked close to the milk fridges...probably 1 foot away..but blocking three of the doors because I had to think out my options and leaving the cart in the center of the aisle also causes aisle blocking problems.  A man had to sigh loudly and squeeze in and open the door and try to get out his milk instead of just asking me to move.  I had to continue to apologize over and over and just stand there because if you try to move one of those super long big carts you can' there was no good way to move.  He was annoyed and let me know by mumbling something rude under his breath- and what he didn't realize...I was annoyed and close to tears because my goal when going grocery shopping is to get in, get out, buy only what's on my list, have well behaved, quiet kids, and arrive home with everything I needed, and everyone I took with.  I am not out to make other people inconvenienced.

And when the lane checkers are annoyed by your whining kids...then maybe they should advocate that candy and small toys aren't put right there at kid's eye level at the check out.  If those things weren't there...things would be WAY less dramatic.


Go read this blog post and come back and share the ones that you related to most or add one to the list!

Real Mom Notes by Finding Joy

My favorites:

"I will master steering the gigantic cart at Target and will be able to make turns with great ease and skill while holding onto my phone and an iced latte from Starbucks while quickly perusing the clearance endcaps.

I will think of library fines as my contribution to keeping the library in business.

I will remember that when someone says to me whoa! you have your hands full! that most often they are trying to compliment me. And I will reply that yes my hands are very full. And smile.

I will remember that every single lane at Target has toys at the convenient level of my toddlers and on the reverse side magazines that I'd prefer their eyes not see.  So I will learn the skill of the redirect and try to  keep them focused forward at all times. Or else deal with the never ending barrage of questions asking for teeny Petshops or Lego sets conveniently priced under $5 or why there are pictures of girls in their underwear.

I will always determine the order for everyone in the car before proceeding to the drivethru lane.  Let me repeat that - I will determine the order before pulling up to the menu and then stumbling through an order and dealing with shouting children from the back of the vehicle begging for the cool meals."  - Finding Joy

Please share your favorite from her list or add one of your own!  

Happy Friday!  


Anonymous said...

My favorites . . . with modifications:

I will give up and throw out the lone socks after six months.---after admitting for good that the mate will not be found AND that there is no other possible good use for a lone sock.

I will keep artwork for just a bit and then will maybe take a picture and then will be willing to let it go.--probably not even take a picture and then I will NOT feel guilty.

I will learn to slow down and see the world like my children do. I will celebrate the ants on the sidewalks, the paint on the table, the sun setting, the dog barking, the tower of legos, and all those ordinary moments that my children find as extraordinary.--Oh, how I want to be able to do this and to do it patiently.

I will remember that leftovers put in the fridge will more than likely not be eaten and that sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to throw away the tupperware holding the science experiment with mold inside.--or throw it right away knowing that they will never be eaten and "saving" them only creates more dishes.

I will learn the art of sleeping with toddlers (or school aged kids) that rotate like clocks in bed, with children who wake up with bad dreams, with kids that wake up for thunderstorms, and any other distraction that keeps one from sleeping.


Raina and Andy said...


I will try to remember that motherhood is a gift. But, I will forget, and that is okay. And sometimes it might feel like spinning in a circle over and over and over again. But, deep down, deep down when they're sleeping at night I will allow myself that moment to breathe deep and feel gratitude for this journey

I will learn to keep an emergency stash of chocolate, or coffee, or licorice, or anything that would constitute a good emergency stash of something hidden in my home. And I will raid it when needed without guilt.

I will remember that leftovers put in the fridge will more than likely not be eaten and that sometimes it is perfectly acceptable to throw away the tupperware holding the science experiment with mold inside.


Theresa said...

I can so relate to those big carts! So far no outwardly annoyed people, though. That would have stressed me out! Usually people are pretty understanding, at least from the outside. C is just starting to get to that hard to shop with stage. Hopefully she stays okay! :)


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