Friday, August 23, 2013


This is Sydney's new favorite position.  
She likes to make tunnel and then ask for people to go through. 
Unfortunately, there aren't many that want to venture through...especially at the zoo.

It is Friday. Our last day of summer. 
Then we have our weekend and BAM!  We will be thrown into the 2013-2014 school year.  

We have been cramming the summer fun in. 
Yesterday we did the zoo...

Then we went and filled up on pizza.
Home where Syd napped.  As soon as she woke we had our swimsuits on and we were off to the pool.  

Home for a quick dinner.
And then daddy arrived home and swept the boys up to go hit golf balls as the sun set.  

Can't fit much more fun in, I tell ya.  

The house is a wreck and I have to rewash a load that never made it out of the washing machine.  I am taking this as a sign that I am completely surrendering to the end of summer - and that is what us mamas are supposed to do the final week.  

Next week, Sydney and I can spend our mornings getting things back in order.  Right?

This time of year I really miss the surge of renewed energy that comes with being a teacher. 
The quiet hours puttering in my classroom coming up with a new arrangement for things that is going to rock the coming year.  
Thinking up with a new theme to welcome students, catching up with teacher friends, filling out new name tags and new grade book pages with new student's names who I know will wiggle their way into my heart by hour two of the first day.  Meeting families and hoping they are feeling confident and excited to let me have their child for 6.5 hours of the day.  It all is so extremely awesome this time of year for the teaching forces changing our world.  Wish them luck.  Be optimistic.  Have faith in them.  They love their jobs and work hard.  
Today will be another fun filled days.  
A morning at the beach and then home for naps.  
The boys are complaining, with tears over the bread I pulled out of the freezer.  They don't want their beach lunch sandwiches on it.  I told them we could have gone to the grocery store this week instead of all the fun things we have done instead.  We'll see what happens at lunch.  But if they are wise they will take it, say thank you, gobble it, and then go back to playing...because, this mama will be just fine packing up and returning home if that is what needs to happen.  

Sometimes, a stay at home mom's life seems like bliss...I mean the zoo one day, the beach another....but at each of these places we are not truly relaxing and enjoying said places the way we might if we had chosen to go as our self.  I am not saying I don't LOVE seeing my kids as happy as little beach babes or ohhing and ahhing at the tiger at the zoo...I am just saying that eating wafer cookies out of a box full of sand, while taking kids to the bathroom, slathering on sunscreen and keeping watch of all of them, and trying to read them so we get home before melt downs happen (by them or me)...isn't as relaxing as sitting on my beach chair reading a book and sipping a diet coke.  AGAIN, not saying that I don't appreciate being there with my kiddos, I LOVE it.  I am just saying, at the end of the day - we are spent, and it wasn't a vacation, and we work hard too.  

So packing up the beach bag, hoping I don't forget the sunscreen AGAIN (thanks Heather for saving me last time), and high tailing it to the beach is where we are at this Friday morning.  

More later!  If I brave it and take my camera out of the triple zip loc bagged camera bag!  

Happy Friday!  GO! 



Anonymous said...

I SO hear you about taking kids places isn't really relaxing, it is work! Even vacation isn't really a vacation - it is fun and all but you can't relax as much as you want to. I always say to my sister when our kids are older we are going to go up north to our family vacation spot without kids and do puzzles and relax together :). Have a great weekend before school starts - mine start the day after labor day (9/3/13)! Jamie Trampe

Anonymous said...

Loved this post, Sarah, especially the part about surrendering to summer by letting the house and 'to do's' go for now. I'm thinking of you (and Haley) as you embark on a new school year and school on Monday! I'll take your post to heart and relish in the last moments of the summer next week. I planned 4 playdates just to cram that last casual playtime in for the kids. Enjoy the rest of your wknd and Cheers! to another adventure in school this year :)-Katherine


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