Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Sometimes we do the zoo like this...

And sometimes we do the zoo like this...

The dinosaurs are visiting our zoo again this summer. 
And it stinks that we have to pay extra to walk through this exhibit...but my crew loved it.  
If you ask Sydney what she saw at the zoo she roars. 

She sat by her self and waited for a snack with Mr. Dino.
But then one roared later on the trail and spooked her. 

The zoo is best enjoyed with friends. 
I think.
But these days...we have to slip it in when we have a couple hours, we are ALL full of energy, it isn't too hot, and frankly, with Syd at the stage she is at...I really can't chat with anyone politely.  My eyes have to be on her and so this day we made a last minute decision to hit the zoo as soon as it opened.  It got HOT but after the dino exhibit we found out we could ride the air conditioned monorail for BIG discount.  So we did that...a treat we never splurge on.  And every time I do an outing with just my crew, I realize how good it is for them to do this stuff together without the distraction of friends.  It's okay for them to notice each other as friends.  And it gives me the freedom to go at our pace and do the zoo how it works best for us.  Don't be afraid to get out there on your own with just your crew.  Your inner supermama comes out and there are always mamas passing by that give you smiles.  

Does anyone else get the best feeling in the world when you are leaving the zoo around lunch time and watch other people just the hottest time of the day....sometimes finding themselves in a line to get in?  


Roz said...

I had to giggle at your line about leaving the zoo as everyone else is piling in at lunch and nap time. Ha! We go early all the time!

Your boys are getting so tall! Such a good lookin' crew! Kudos to you and an outing on this sticky day!

Those dinos are great---love the fog effect this year. It does stink that members have to pay extra to walk through. Sam's company (Dell) hosted a company night and we got to go through it for free--the kids were thrilled (and so was Sam). :)

Raina and Andy said...

you are inspiring to me. you are so good at getting your whole crew out for fun adventures. love the pic of scared syd running. classic that you were snapping pics when that happened. ha RR


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