Thursday, July 18, 2013

Giving them tastes of different things....

When would Henry get to look like this?

At his big brother's golf lesson.  
A bit ago Charley took a week of golf lessons.
Each day one week we ventured to a local course and hung out while he got an hour with a slew of other little  golfers.  He enjoyed it.  I realized that there are "just right" courses that are perfect for a mama to stop in and let her two wanna be golfing boys hit a bucket of balls without disrupting pro golfers.  

So one night Daddy came and hit balls with Henry.

Sydney just ran the green grass and whined a bunch because it was from 5-6pm which is dinner hour. 
Lesson learned for this mama.  

 Charley has lucked out this summer getting to do a wide variety of small experiences.  I looked for affordable experiences that would give him a taste of lots of things that interest him.  This week he is at an invention camp (I was a parent rep and helped advertise and spread the word so he got to go to camp for free!).    As they get older it looks like we have to commit more time and money to sports so I am glad he is getting a chance to figure out what he is enjoying before 3 nights a week and hundreds of dollars have to be committed.  

So far golf, downhill skiing, and swimming are all sports he can enjoy for a lifetime.  And soccer and basketball have given him a taste of teamwork.  We are kinda kicking ourselves we didn't try a little baseball yet, besides the preschool t-ball.  And football was fun last year but it switched to tackle this year, which he was excited about but is opting for fall soccer instead.  

Henry on the other hand just did another round of swim lessons and has basically caught up to his brother.  So proud of him.  He has been going to swim lessons almost all summer long.  We committed and it made our summer days a little confined but I feel really good about his swim skills.  He is ready for a break now.  So the rest of the summer will be all about hitting the beaches and pools to just swim! 

Syd is now making monkey cheeks (holding her breath, blowing bubbles, and jumping into the water very confidently.  So swimming lessons will start up for her in the not to near future.  
And I can't wait to see her in a little tutu tap dancing or pointing her little ballet shoes (at least once when she is still tiny).  Lately, she has been having me sit on the couch while she performs...

It is so fun to see your children finding their way.  I am savoring these days when our commitments to these activities is so low key, low expense, low time commitment, etc.  With three I can imagine that in a few years things are going to get mighty tricky to juggle all their different schedules. 


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Raina and Andy said...

you are so good at exposing your kiddos. they will be and are already so well rounded. cute pics. keep snapping away mama! RR


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