Tuesday, July 30, 2013

and slowly I return to this space....

Back to reality today. 
We gave daddy kisses as he sadly took off for his first day back to work after a week with all of us. 
It is always hard for me to spend all that time as a family and then watch him go. 
We get used to him being here for more moments in our day. 
And the first day back to work is like being thrown to the wolves.  
Too many emails, too many demands, when all you need is a little quiet time to get yourself back in your groove.  I wish for him a calm day back.  

I should have given warning that I was escaping to the woods with my small tribe and husband. 
But blogging has been hard this summer.  
And taking a break was needed.  
We are all good. 
I immersed myself in the moments rather than worrying about capturing so much these last few days.  

This trip to the cabin with my family was full of firsts. 
We travelled in one car rather than two...trading my minivan in recently for a not-mini van vehicle with tow which allowed us to become the proud owners of a trailer.  Ed is all ready to go get a pile of something with that thing.  The trailer meant that we didn't need one vehicle for our small tribe and one vehicle for stuff.  

The kids have become great at travelling three across,  a new everyday gig that has me smiling when I glance in the rear view mirror.  

We also rented a pontoon in hopes of fishing with our small tribe in a vessel that allowed for space and movement.  It was great.  That's my dad and Ed picking it up at the boat dock in the fog.  Loved watching my dad and Ed have a moment.

My birthday passed.  The day was mostly spent voyaging to the cabin as a family.  It was smooth for the most part.  Back in the day a summer birthday wasn't ideal...summer birthdays meant you celebrated on some random day at school that didn't seem real and you often didn't see as many friends on your day...like if you celebrate during the school year.  But now, WHAT A TREAT, the last few years I have been able to spend it with my family at the cottage, one of my favorite places.  We've been going there for nearly 37 years.  We go with family friends that have such a special place in my heart.  And now I share it with Ed and my kiddos (Charley is on his 8th summer there).  

As we settle back into our routine I see that August is right around the corner.  
Our boys are both going to new schools this year and their school year will start late August.
So the time is going to fly.  I came home from the cottage with the goal of slowing down and keeping things simple this last month.  Although our weekends have fun plans and our weeks are smattered with cool adventures...I want to relish the evenings, the early mornings, the lunches with my complete small tribe, the lack of homework and must do lists.  

I want to prioritize a few things that I often find excuses for...exercise, eating right, and blogging.  

Being north where you only have to love up your family without too many toys, too much technology, no house responsibilities, etc.    Reminds me that if we simplify, focus, and slow down - we have all we need, we just need to enjoy it. 

What summer moments have you been relishing lately?


The Tompkins Family said...

Welcome back. I've been having a tough time blogging lately too...so out of the routine!

Anonymous said...

I relish every moment I am hands free from my littlest

Love the pic of dad and Ed on the pontoon and love that syd and Eli are holding hands. So special. Rr


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