Tuesday, June 11, 2013

soccer 2013

The season started late due to rain.
The fields are always a soggy mess.

Sydney demands snacks and home the entire hour or two we are on the field. 
She isn't distracted by the boys playing, things mama brings to play with, kicking the ball with mama or daddy.  It is just whine fest.  
Sucks the fun out of soaking in the moments when the boys are on the field. 

Both boys are playing this spring. 
And Charley's team officially plays goalie position this year...and let me tell you, 
When your child is manning the goal...your heart races the. entire. time. 

And running into friends and chatting for a few minutes between games makes me feel like my parents.  They spent many hours on the soccer field watching their children play.  And some of their good friends are still the other soccer moms and dads.     

Soccer.  Hoping for a few more sunny Saturdays to soak in these two little kickers. 


April said...

I totally understand this! Except we were not playing soccer but baseball and softball with the olders. Poor Mollie had to sit through all of the games being within eyesight of the park. We met a nice family that would come to Gavin's games who had a girl in middle school who would take Mollie to the park. I agree, it makes watching and enjoying the games very difficult! Try and take turns with Ed so one can watch intently at a time :)

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that your boys are playing soccer. SO wish we could live closer so we could make it to a game. sorry about syd being whiney....i was the 3rd/girl watching my bro play soccer. THEN i started playing. so maybe this is how it will work for her...eeek! RR


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