Wednesday, June 12, 2013



Your children don't care if you wear lipstick or earrings or drop them off at school in your pjs and slippers.
Your children don't care if their crayons are new or the markers are drying up. 
Your children don't mind that they have pancakes for breakfast and lunch.
Your children don't care what size your jeans are.
Your children don't care if you cut out carbs, meat, dairy, or sugar.
Your children don't care if your hair needs a color or cut. 
Your children don't care if it is raining or cold.
Your children don't care if the dishes are mounded on the counter or the laundry is mounded on the couch.
Your children don't mind if you stay home all day and skip big outings. 


Your children think you are beautiful.
They love you just the way you are.
They appreciate you sitting down for the meal, more than the balanced diet you strive for. 
They just want your attention, your ears that hear, and your touch from time to time. 
Coloring with you sitting by their side is more important than the perfect coloring tools. 
They love their home and can't see the mess.

And typically, if you fill their little cup with 20 minutes of uninterrupted will find your cup is so much fuller too.  And they most likely, will pitter pat off to putter with something independently.  


They just want you. 


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Post to your bathroom mirror.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

All good reminders:) I am trying to find that balance between just being there for my kids, and still getting the things done that need to happen (dinner, laundry, tidy up).

Loco YaYa said...

love this.

how often we forget. how often i forget. when the bipolar and asperger's clouds everything. they are just kids. and sometimes i just forget. but you are so right...when i do remember and take that 20 minutes. everything is so much fuller. thank you for the reminder and such beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

so right. when i hear my voice on video i hate it. but then i realize that is the voice that soothes my kids (or whips them in shape if i'm giving comands ha!). but i love these reminders. i should print this out and put on fridge. RR

Anonymous said...

This post made me a better mom today! Thanks Sarah! ~AK


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