Monday, June 17, 2013

for being you

for the way you look at them when they don't notice.
for the patience you show when my patience is lacking.
for walking the water bottle to the boys during their soccer games.
for encouraging me to go workout in the morning, because it makes me a better mom.
for the calm reminders you give me to breathe.
for the kisses you give me before you leave each morning.
for the hugs you grab in the evening when you get home.
for the wave you give as you pull out of the driveway each morning.

for the trust you show in letting me spend my days with our children.
for the "up for it" attitude when I get my heart set on outings and adventures.
for teaming this parenting gig with me.
for attending every well check visit for our three littles.
for putting the kids to bed most nights.
for taking the time to teach them to ski.

for always knowing the right thing to say when they any of us are worried or scared.
for loving my family and suggesting they all come for a crazy Memorial Day weekend.
for listening to me worry, obsess, and ponder childrens' futures.
for carrying the chairs and backpack and setting up shop at sporting events.
for taking the garbage out every Monday.
for making ordinary weekends seem extraordinary.

for getting up early and laying on the floor to play blocks or lego bricks.
for sharing the mowing gig.
for always driving on our family road trips (even though I sometimes would give anything to drive)
for bringing home Big Bowl or take out on nights when I need that treat.
for suggesting we watch movies and sliding over to sit closer to me.
for pulling out the ads you think I am interested in when reading the paper.

for putting our children's needs first and for most.
for taking off of work to go on field trips.
for playing along when the kids hide when you arrive home.
for holding our children when they get shots.
for being the main bath giving guy.
for trimming their toenails.
for leaving each morning after giving hugs and kisses to work hard all day so you can provide not only what we need but, also all the things that make our dreams come true.

For being their dad.


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love it. It is the small things that mean so much.

Raina and Andy said...

this is a perfect post.
i smiled at so many because I know all those things, those little things about ed from you telling me and I know that you NEED those things and i am so glad you have it.
love the "wave" when he drives to work in the am. RR

Anonymous said...

Tears. So happy you all have Ed.


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