Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cooking with Kids

This summer I am planning on having the kids help me cook more.
This week they all three helped make strawberry ice cream.
Then we knocked off a bucket list item when friends came over to share in our soupy success. 
Homemade ice cream requires a little setting time in the freezer to get it to a more hardened consistency...and we were to anxious to enjoy and share it  

Another day Charley helped make chicken, spinach, and cheese manicotti. 
A recipe I googled by typing in cottage cheese manicotti.  Love that.

Everyone ate it up!

And Henry helped make our favorite :

Pesto Pizza:

(we use this whole wheat dough recipe and this pesto recipe.
Then we top it with slices of tomatoes and chunks of fresh mozzerella cheese.
Use a pan with edges since the pesto and cheese can sometimes get drippy. 
This is our families favorite pizza.  Thanks Aunt Becca and Uncle Mike for bringing it into our life.

Finished product:

Do you have a favorite dish that your kids can have fun helping you make?

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