Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday adventures

This morning we woke up to pure beauty.  

And we ventured out and shoveled and played. 
Bounding back in we devoured pancakes and got ready for the day. 
Our day was wide open.  The sun was shining.  So, I decided we would pretend it was more springy and embrace a world with too much snow coating the branches that should be full of buds and leaves.  

We hit up a favorite walking spot.  And ran, slid, and sauntered along the path.
Letting the quickly melting snow plop on our heads. 

Here's Henry trying to help that snow along.

We spent a good hour meandering about and then decided to go get a treat. 

I told them going in that they could order anything they wanted. 
As long as it was the size of their face :)

Syd settled on a flower cookie with purple frosting. 
She ate the whole thing. 

Henry chose a classic chocolate chip cookie and nibbled that thing slow and steady.  Leaving only a crumb.

And I sipped a large latte.  Also as big as my face :)

The whole outing took about two hours. 
We burned some energy, ate a treat, got out of the house, enjoyed the beauty of mother nature's winter finale, and returned home fulfilled and content.  

It was a morning of saying yes to slowing down, focusing on the right stuff, and enjoying a few "just us" moments. 

What are you savoring this Tuesday morning? 


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

good for you! I have been wishing it were warmer but when I see the snow you are having I am reminded I need to be grateful. You are a good mommy to take the time to pay attention to what matters most and have some quality time with your kids. They are getting soooo big!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and what fun memories you are making with them! Jamie Trampe

The Tompkins Family said...

What a perfect morning!

I'm savouring the fact that it's quiet time and I already have all my chores done for today, supper is prepped and we have already played outside. Looking forward to a lazy afternoon!


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