Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finding the amazing ...right there on my Facebook page.

Blogs, ecfe classes, moms club, friends, and books aren't the only places I find inspiration for motherhood.
Facebook has connected me with mamas from my past and present.
Facebook is an interesting social media outlet with lots of pros and many cons. 

But, last week when all the sad was going on around our world I looked for the smiles and the good that would update on that ever changing screen.  And one of my "friends" shared something that her little boy did in celebration of Earth Day.  

One funny thing about Facebook sometimes connect with someone because of a brief connection in life.  In this instance I had heard of this amazing person from Ed's childhood, but hadn't met her.  Until there was a wedding (Katie and Casey's), some wine, dancing, and laughs.  

And then... why not?  Let's be friends on Facebook. 

 Then we ended up being pregnant with our littlest at the same time.  Due within days of each other.  And periodically we talk on Facebook a little deeper than liking each other's pictures or status updates.  

She is someone who I know I could learn so much from if we could hunker down on a couch with some coffee, meet a park for a play date, or wander a path while letting our kids burn their never-ending energy.  

So when she shared this on Facebook my heart smiled and I knew it would be added to our bucket list this summer.  We won't get to do it this Earth day, like she did.  So we will tweak it and remind others that every day is earth day.  But this is definitely on my list for our summer.   When the days are long.

We will collect some bottles and containers.

We will wash them up. 

 We will decorate cards to attach to those bottles.

 And instead of a winter hat and cute jacket, we will hopefully be sporting some flip flops and shorts.

And we will find a spot in our community.

And give away our little recycled vases of flowers.  Reminding people that beauty can come from the simple things around us.  Woody's goal had been to just give away these flowers but, many insisted on donating money to him.  Supposedly, he was able to donate close to $50.00 to a local animal shelter (I think!).  Isn't that amazing!  

I just loved this whole thing and I asked her if I could share it here because, I think that many of you have lemonade stands and little ones, well, not so little, that would really get into this type of thing.  I thought maybe some of you would like to add it to your summer bucket list, too. 

Thanks again, Tiffany, for letting me share your son's random act of kindness/ Earth day celebration.  
Maybe some day we will actually get our crews together to run and play.


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