Thursday, April 25, 2013

'nacho' ordinary day

Today was NACHO Day, in more ways than one. 

That was lunch.  And I used the motto "As big as my face" when I ordered for the second time this week.
There was no sharing.  Seriously.  Nacho obsession is over.  I hope.  I am sure my friend Haley does too.  She is sick of getting my texts about random nacho meet ups with no follow through.

Yesterday I felt like this:

Alone.  Tired of fixing meals for just kids. Missing Ed.  And NO adult conversation, except when I interrupted my mom at work.  

But today "nacho" ordinary day.  Get it..."Not your" Ordinary day!?!

This morning we had our monthly Mom's Club meeting.  An organization that I can give credit to for bringing many amazing mamas into my life.  Seriously.  If you've got one in your neighborhood.  Sign up.   I was on the board this year, so once a month we try and lure all the ladies, and their kiddos to a little meeting.  No one comes.  And that's okay...I guess.  Kinda sad.  So today I suggested to a few gals we go grab nachos afterwards.  Everyone was on board.  When I blogged it this morning...a local friend texted and asked if she could join in.  LOVE THAT!  

So in we 11:02 --5 kids under 5 and 4 moms.  We all ordered water and some yummy food.  We chatted.  The kids all hung out and munched chips.  And I got my nacho craving fulfilled.  I swear when he came to take my order Sydney said "Nachos."    

Henry got to catch up with his little friend who then came over for a quick short playdate...and when her mama picked her up, we got to chatting...and an hour later we were meeting again at the park.  

Later this evening I am planning to meet another mama friend to take an evening stroll around a local little lake...because spring is here and this mama needs out, alone.    

So today, was 'NACHO' ordinary day.  My plate that I call life was piled with good friends and moments captured because I left the laundry sit on the couch.  The dishes sit on the counter.  And the bathroom smelling like pee for one more day.  And Amy can back me up, since she popped in to see the new front room stuff and ended up chatting while standing facing the mound of laundry and the smelly bathroom.  GEEZ!  But you know what!  That's what matters - the good conversation.  Being real.  And not letting any of that slow us down.  

My cheeks are sun kissed.  My belly is full.  And my heart is so grateful for good friends. 
Especially ones that remember their wallet and can whip out a $20 because, for the second or third time in a row I haven't had my wallet when I have lunched with her.  Thanks Lynelle!

Enjoy your spring like evening MN friends.  And everyone else!  I think we can say confidently, "It. HAS. Arrived."

Five Minute Friday

I wasn't aware of this link up party til this morning, but I wrote about friends quick yesterday!  Hope that's close enough.


Anonymous said...

So...just wondering where you are now???

Denise said...

Good post.

Jenna said...

Loved this! Nacho ordinary day and all :)


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