Thursday, March 28, 2013


A pajama lazy morning that started off calm and smooth.
The countdown to the moment when "Coconut" our neighbor's hamster would get picked up...
gave way to overly excited and rambunctious boys.
Children were separated and quiet happened.
Everyone regrouped.
Mama demanded some help to clean up. 
There was lots of whining.
I may have raised my voice once or twice and escaped into my computer screen for a moment or 10.  
Neighbors arrived with thanks in hand, mini lego sets.
All sanity for this mama was restored.
A list of what needs to get accomplished by tomorrow was made.
A few items went on the list and got to be crossed off right away (doesn't everyone do that on days they need to feel like they are getting more done than they actually are).

Lunch was devoured...but also littered on the kitchen floor.
We all watched the clock...because we have discovered a possible pattern...if we put Syd down around 1:30 --she sleeps.
I picked up Syd's stick horse for the 16th time and glared at the boys who looked guilty.  
Nap time arrived.
All the things I asked the boys to do this morning, which they didn't done (In a 10 minute time span, seriously) thanks to the mini boxes of jelly beans the neighbors also thanked us with.  
A chuckle out of Charley when Mama sadly realized she may have eaten the last of Sydney's jelly beans....because a 2 year old doesn't need jelly beans, but her mama certainly does.  
But lucky for mama, there were still 5 in the box.  

This is spring break in our house today.  

And then there was this moment,

The neighbor girl wandered over and asked the boys if they wanted to come over and watch the Harry Potter movie.  I stood and watched this offer sink in to them.  They looked so hopeful and excited, yet both shook their heads no before I could say anything.  
I sure didn't want to say they were too little.  They love this friend who is a few years older.  They crave time with her.  And then a blessed mama moment came to me, "Sorry, they are waiting to watch that with their daddy.  He would be sad if they didn't wait for him.  Thanks."  
We offered her to return at anytime to play...because Henry said, "We are always here."  

And both boys are completely okay with turning down this offer. 
They didn't even talk about it after she left. 
But they are gazing and looking at the Harry Potter books and nibbling up their jelly beans. 

Moments when you can step back and watch them make the right decision, and you don't have to be the bad guy, are some of the best moments.
Especially, when they both agree that the movie "might actually be a little scary" (said quietly a few minutes ago).  

Onward, it's nap time. 
Some kitchen work, some laundry folding, and maybe a game with the boys.  
Later, a walk in the sunshine, down our driveway where I am itching to smatter  it with fresh chalk!  
Hopefully, the Easter Bunny will gift someone some :)


Anonymous said...

I love this bc I love to picture the chaos in your house. Hope syd naps every day for you...wish I had some jellybeans in our house, enjoy. :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love the reality. My reality I couldn't sleep this morning after Andy woke me up with a leg cramp way too early. Reality, first official day of spring break and I have already broken up a fight with the kids. And told them if they don't stop arguing I am sitting in the window spot ha!
Here's to a great day!
Happy early Easter! Love new chalk:)


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