Thursday, March 28, 2013

moments captured

 We spent a morning at the "perfect" children's museum for our crew.  
We have ages 1,2, almost 4, 5, 8.
It was one big room separated out by different fun exploring a mama can stand and see pretty much all you the opportunity to give your kids freedom to run and explore without you, the mama, also running.  

It was a little immature for Charley but, he enjoyed his cousin time and was busy "spying" on all of us (hence, no pictures of him) , and he still had a blast exploring all that was offered...  

Today is Thursday and we are gearing up for Easter family time.

So I should be unpacking from my moms, focusing on laundry, and re-packing.  Finding swimsuits that fit everyone.  And working on food preparations.  Cleaning out the car, which have you seen this new perk coming soon to a minivan near you...if you are willing to spend $$$$.  Easter baskets need to be dug out and the list goes on.  

But instead I woke up with the urge to move more furniture around.  So shelves were emptied and before Ed ventured off to work he had to lug heavy shelves around to new spots.   It does make sense though because when I leave for a weekend I like to return to a cleaned picked up house.

Tempted to pool it for an hour with the kids...but, that requires a TON of energy.  So we'll see.  For now they are all good playing here, fine and dandy.

A friend pointed out a recent post where I said, "Keep it simple, Make it happen."  So quickly we forget realizations that are so important.

How are you celebrating spring these days?

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Anonymous said...

Love syds boots. Love Eli and Henry shots! Love hugh and mom shots!!! Spring...l.we need to open shades on our windows more. Today andy took boys for a walk. And Bailee is spending more time Outside. Can't wait for summer to sit and watch boys potter patter around, rr


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