Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My fair guy...

This is Charley's second Pillar of Character award.  
This time he was nominated by his teacher. 
So proud of him. 

Although, I do have to admit that at home....
he has to go first, have certain things that his siblings have...
basically, not always the fair guy at home. 

As a teacher, this time of year, was always interesting when conferences rolled around. 
Most parents are surprised by how great their kids are at school or how different they are at home.  

I think seeing this note from his teacher makes me realize that we might be doing something right, once in awhile, because here at home he is loved and feels safe to play with the power he feels.  But when it comes down to being out there in his real world, his choices are ones that are making me proud.  

I know as Charley's conference rolls around I will be interested in his learning and growth, but the comments about his personality, his ability to participate in class, include others, make kind choices, be a good friend, work as a partner and team member, listen, do his best, show respect is that stuff and that insight that I value the most.  
I don't doubt that he will learn his math facts and be a reader.  He will.  
But it is much harder to feel confident that you are raising a kind, hardworking, good human being, when their world expands and you aren't there to witness him in that is the challenge.  

Proud of you Charley!  


The Tompkins Family said...

Simply fabulous! Means you're also simply fabulous, mama!

shellycoulter said...

Love this! It was these type of comments on Eli's report card last week that made me the most proud too. Good job, Charley!

Anonymous said...

Gooooo Charlie! So proud of him. I know he's such a good person, rr

Grandma Charlie said...

Makes your Grandma Charlie's heart very happy and proud of you, Charley!

jessica said...

Way to go Charley!


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