Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kid Activity: Rainbow collage

Spring is right around the corner and the magic of leprechauns and rainbows start to come to my children's mind these days.   We also just had a little rain a week or so ago.  So the idea of a rainbow isn't too far fetched.  

Here's a fun March project! 

Rainbow Collage:

What you need:
A pile of magazines
Some paper

Next time I wouldn't cut the rainbow apart.  Rather just draw one on paper.  It was a pain to assemble. 

I know that blogs can give off the illusion that lives are perfect in different families.  Or that some mamas have it all together....crafting, cleaning, cooking, raising polite children, happy marriages, exercising....

Just keeping it real...one of my three children was not thrilled with this activity and threw a major tantrum during this lovely Saturday morning moment.  But I didn't let it stop us from having fun.  It is always fun to glance through magazines, cutting out things....any thing.  Most kids love cutting out of magazines!  This time I just gave them direction...look for things that are colored like a rainbow!  


Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful idea! Thank you. One of my 5 year old's favorite activities is cutting and glueing.

Anonymous said...

That is a great idea - my 5 year old also LOVES to cut everything!!! Can't wait to have her do this tomorrow! Jamie Trampe

shellycoulter said...

Oh YES!! I used to do this all the time with my speech kids when I was an SLP! thanks for the reminder. I'm going to hit up the free magazine pile at the library and do this with the kiddos over spring break next week!!

Anonymous said...

We did this! Eli got tired half way thru but was soooo proud of it. Rr


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