Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday catch up.

It's Friday and it is rainy, supposedly snowy later, and so I am just going to do a Friday catch up of instagram pictures from the last week or so.  
Hope you have a good weekend planned!
Love, Sarah 

Sibling togetherness on mama's iphone.
New crayons and blank paper.

We have been enjoying fish at least once if not multiple times a week.
It might be mostly the frozen kind from Costco, but we are all loving it and it's easy.

Can't decide if I should grow my hair out just a little bit. 
Makes it SO much more work.
My scalp is much more healthy when I don't have to use products in it, which mean pixie it is again.  

Today has been weird rain and supposedly maybe some snow later.
Then later this weekend more snow.  
Last year it was like in the 70's at this time.  Which was spooky and I didn't really like that either. 
But I am ready to start seeing the grass.
Plus, possible travel to my mom's next week and good weather is the only way that can happen.

Someone gave me this Woman's Day subscription for Christmas (thanks, mom!).
And yesterday it arrived with Ed's Table Saw Secrets magazine.  

Henry got to have "Precious" visit us for the last week.
He returned him to school on Wednesday.

Some mornings things go like this....

And Miss Syd isn't shy when it comes to puddles. 
There is a story about me jumping in puddles and my mom telling me no...and me asking why,
they still laugh about it.
Rain boots on the list for spring shopping.


Anonymous said...

love the picture of the kids coloring on the floor together. specifically all the outfits. henry's inside out shirt and syd's onesie. i think pixie all the way. it's how you look the best and it's easiest with least product right? DO IT. jealous. RR

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I love new crayons, I love crayons in general, but I swoon over new ones.
Love you in a Pixie cut, and you pull it off well. I think I would feel naked in a pixie cut.
Fish haven't eaten it in awhile, that gives me an idea for dinner tomorrow.
Time to stop procrastinating, bill paying, bathroom cleaning and picking up kiddo's call.

Anonymous said...

I know the puddle story. Still smiling after all these years.



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