Monday, March 18, 2013

Charley's first ski race...

This is where it begins.

Kudos to daddy for capturing a few shots!
Daddy and Charley also raced in the parent race. 
We might have two racers next there is an adult team that is peeking Ed's interest.  
Life will be busy!  
But the boys will be happy. 
Which makes this mama happy. 
I may have to invest in some ski lessons...or a better zoom lens!


Grandma Charlie said...

Love these pictures. I remember the butterflies in my stomach watching Charley's daddy come down the hill. So happy they're starting early; Charley looks confident!

Kelly said...

WOW, Charley!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so, so impressed! And blown away! You look awesome on that hill!!!

Danifred said...

So exciting! You should be so proud.


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