Monday, February 25, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Monday!
Let's start off the week remembering what it was like when our little ones were this little and sat scrunched up and intrigued by the simplest of toys.  

 This is our little friend Miss Mila and it is so fun to get to take pictures of her when she visits.  

And so fun to see all three of my tribe get down and giggle with this girl. 
Henry had the most honest to goodness joy and laughter watching Mila in action.

 She is a little friend who we are always so glad to see.
Her first year is going so fast.
You can tell her mama and daddy how fast it is going, but the exhaustion from their daughter's not so mastered sleep habits make it hard to always realize.

Speaking of first years flying by....
this handsome nephew of mine turned one last week and had a big bash that we missed :( this past weekend.  Graduating from the first year of life is an exciting time for the munchkin, but I think it surprises every mama how emotional it can be.  The idea that their little has change SO much and though they are loving the new stages and phases, it is also a sock in the gut when you look back at the tiny pics and remember the immobile and teeny baby stage.  

This kid is going to make his second year a thrill for all those who cross his path. 
Joy.  He is the definition of the word. 

Today is Monday and we survived another weekend with some sick in our house. 
This time it is daddy and Henry. 
Henry is hunkered down here trying to beat the cough/cold that has settled in his little body. 
Lots of naps for daddy.  When some are sick it's a bummer that the rest of the house gets pulled into the slow down.  It would have been a great weekend for ice skating, sledding, or skiing adventures.  Travel to nephew Hughie's birthday would have been fun.  But when the sick settles in our house, it is best to just embrace the slow down and succumb to the long hours in pajamas. 

We didn't watch the Oscar's last night.  Since we hadn't seen any of the movies.  
But instead, we rented Argo and LOVED it.  Intense but soooo good.  I am hearing they won some awards and I understand why.  

This morning I got my arse out of bed and to a class at the gym.  It is hard to crawl out of bed this time of day, but to sweat next to a good girlfriend is always an ideal way to start the day.  

We are hunkered down for the day. 
Getting better, fast.  I hope.  

What's new with you?


The Tompkins Family said...

Loved Argo! So stressful watching it though, my heart was racing through the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

Love mila's little tongue. She is too cute. Love her onesie too. Missed you all at the party! Rr

Beth said...

Oh no, something going around at work? Gregg's not feeling well either...hoping he keeps it to himself! This time of year is a challenging. The girls are three weeks from State, any flu or colds are major setbacks. I'd like to live in a bubble the next few weeks but we know that's practical!


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