Monday, January 21, 2013

hello Monday.

Hello monday. 
And the feeling of content being home after being away. 
ALWAYS good for a mama.
Even though it's always hard to leave, a lot of work to get the house settled for your absence,  and while gone you can't help but feel curious of what is happening at home....

We had one other gal there...but she left early. 
We all had three or more kids.
We all have second graders.
And well have a new little third in the last year or two.

This cabin was HARD to find.  It required scary driving and pulling our luggage down a steep, icy, rocky path using wagons. 

But once entering the magical little door.

We quickly got comfy and found our little cozy sleep spots that were nestled about in small tiny spaces...including lofts that were only accessible by sliding ladders.

And lower level sleeping spaces with cool white refreshing spaces.

 And upper loft spots that included a bed in that small double door short closet space.

We shared the meal responsibilities and feasted laid back, at our own time...not because little ones needed to eat.  

coffee brewed early for those that awoke early to read magazines and putter on ipads and iphones. 
Wine was sipped at all hours.

 And out those french doors was a deck with a bubbling hot tub that we enjoyed under the stars in below zero temperatures where we worried our hair was so frozen that it would crack off in chunks. 

We were lucky to find this beautiful screened in porch area behind a door we thought was locked. 
A perfect spot for an early morning if the temps were warmer. 
We'll just have to go back. 

No curtains covered any windows...because you wouldn't want to hide from this view.
The whole weekend was enjoyed.  Many laughs, many comfortable quiet moments, and many friendships were enjoyed.  So fun to get to know women I felt I knew well and some just well enough to say hi to in passing.  Girl weekends are good.  Very good for the soul.  If you get the chance.  Take it and run.  Because you will find yourself also running back home, anxious to get back to your family. 
And that feeling of opening the door and having them excited to see you, a feeling that stay at home moms don't get to relish daily, since we don't leave our kiddos and return very often, feels pretty good.  

I am so thankful that my friend Haley included me in her adventure.  
She is someone who is always finding fun things to do with her family and friends. 
She is someone who I stand and chat with in our cul de sac and always walk away feeling like I talked a mile a minute because we only have a few minutes in passing.  And I always say to Ed, "I know Haley and I would have a great time if we had more time to hang out and relax without kiddos."  Thanks Haley for letting me be apart.  So fun! 


It is cold here.  Like Really cold.  It might be a day to try some of those experiments involving freezing bubbles etc.  
The boys don't have school, so we are hunkered down, enjoying cartoons, legos, coffee, Lucky Charms, and the sunshine that makes you think you could go out and enjoy the fresh air.  But I am not planning on going anywhere today.  Which feels just right after being gone all weekend. 

Happy Monday friends.
What are you looking forward to this week. 
Me, I am thrilled that I should get some mom and sister time come midnight on Thursday.  
The boys are ready to play trains with their boy cousins.  


The Tompkins Family said...

It sure looks beautiful! So glad you had a good time!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Looks like a fun place, what side was it on MN or WI? And so nice to have some time away!
I am hoping for a weekend next weekend where children aren't sick, and my husband doesn't have work to do. I am looking forward to a short school week.

Anonymous said...

WOW what an amazing place to just "be". I am looking forward to reading and relaxing a bit this week and catching up on some tiny things around here before I head into a fantastic weekend. Mom

Crystal said...

That place looks awesome! What a nice way to unwind and recharge!


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