Saturday, January 19, 2013

he makes it look easy.

"Moment by moment, we have the opportunity to say yes, to move into our lives and open ourselves to the adventure--but that doesn't mean that we ever really know where we're going or that we can predict what we'll find when we get there.  If we're lucky, though, the life we end up leading is the one that makes us feel alive. "

-Katrina Kenison (the gift of an ordinary day, pg. 64)

This weekend was a yes weekend. 
I said yes when a friend asked me to go along on a girl's weekend adventure.

She had gathered up a group of her friends, everyone I knew, but many not so well.  
She had found a vacation rental property that her friend had enjoyed and booked it. 

Ed said, "Go."    I appreciate that my partner in life recognizes the moments in life when I need a little push, because I am a home body, and he encourages me to say yes.

All 7 of us gals have three kiddos, one has four, so that left 22 kids to be managed without their mamas.  All these daddies gifted us to a weekend where we could sleep late, read magazines, wander shops, sip wine, hot tub under the stars, and talk girl stuff - so that we remember that outside of our role of mama and wife, we are women who crave moments to let those roles rest and relax and remember other pieces of ourselves.  Anticipating the weekend we all weren't sure what we would do with our time at this little hideaway.  

Friday night we gathered around the cabin kitchen island with glasses of wine and laughed that we all wish our hubby's well, but also admit to a wish them a little challenge this weekend so they appreciate what we do 24 hours a day.  But when we touch base with them....we all hear ....calm, relaxed updates.

I can hardly get Syd to nap during the week. 
Ed got her to nap both Friday and Saturday.  WHAT?!  

We know a big part of daddy success on girl's weekend adventures, and we are all reminding ourselves of this as we sit relaxing and giggling...that the daddies are being daddy's.  They aren't trying to do a 100 other things this weekend. We don't expect laundry to get done, toilets to be cleaned, or floors to be vacuumed.  It is the weekend so there isn't as much of a witching hour with tired kids, homework to master, and dinner to get on the table.  Instead, I know that Ed is on the floor building blocks, playing video games, reading books, and shooting baskets in the basement.  

I am so thankful that Ed let me say yes to a cozy weekend with girlfriends. 
I am so proud of him for being a daddy who can fly solo and make it look almost too easy. 
I am so enjoying my moments today, and look forward to re joining my family tomorrow.  


Grandma Charlie said...

Sarah, you asked what kind of posts we like best, and I will tell you I appreciate the pictures, especially the ones when I get a glimpse of a moment in your day, or one or all of the kids, or these pictures that were taken in my house of a moment I did not see!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I love that you had the chance to get away and have girl time. I really need to plan one of these with my lil circle of friends. And I'm glad you are able to enjoy it even knowing that when you get back the laundry won't be done and the sink might be full, but you still appreciate that your husband is being daddy and making memories of his own with his kids. What a woman!

Crystal said...

This post made me laugh because my husband always makes it look easy, too. Of course he gets on the floor and wrestles with them while the dishes wait in the sink and there are toys everywhere ... the house always looks like a tornado went through it when I come home! Also my kids just listen to him better ... maybe something about him being big that they just think he means business. I wish they would listen to me as well as they listen to him.


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