Sunday, December 16, 2012

What I keep telling myself... (updated with links)

When your child sleeps like this, you know they feel feel safe and secure.  As a mama, I hope my children can always completely relax and find their dreams to be peaceful.  It is when they are sleeping soundly, in their bedrooms, under my roof, that I relax and sigh and take in the reality of being a mama and for a moment try not to worry about the world outside our house.

Yesterday morning, I woke up astounded that I actually slept.  Horrified that Friday's news was real.  Relieved that I hadn't had to explain anything to my young children...yet, because I was still trying to understand it all in my own head and heart.  I am still speechless.  And can not stop thinking of other parents waking on what should have been just a regular Saturday/Sunday morning, but was most definitely not, and won't be for a lifetime.

I don't have the words.

I can't even attempt.

I just keep telling myself that the world is a very good place, but unfortunately sometimes someone does a very bad thing.   Horrific.  But it is a good place, with many more good people.  And that is the message I think I will/would focus on with my children.  Believe in the good (link: 26 Moments that restored faith in humanity this year).

Thoughts and prayers to all the parents who lost littles, to all the teachers who are/were heros, and to all the parents and teachers around the world that are feeling the ripple effect of this tragedy in their own hearts and homes.



Beth said...

I tried shielding my kids from the news. My oldest is plugged in, she already heard but my youngest hadn't, until church this morning. The look on her face; how could something like that happen at school? I know she had many questions running through her brain...and I'm sure I'll hear questions off and on for a couple weeks. Like you said, I can't comprehend it, how can my daughter?

Lizzy said...

Very well said. There is good out there, though it is sometimes hard to see when tragedies of this scope happen. Thank you for reminding me. I plan to hug my kindergarteners a bit longer tomorrow at school.

Crystal said...

I've been having a hard time sleeping too. I feel sick to my stomach everytime I hear or think about it. Struggling with what to say to my 6 year old ... so far he has been shielded but I am sure he will hear about it at some point. I just worry because he struggles with anxiety already ... how to talk about it without adding to the anxiety. So hard when I can't even think coherent thoughts about it myself.


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