Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Monday

This is not allowed in our house.

And she knows it.

And doesn't like it when mama tells her, No!


He went to preschool on Friday.

  Sometimes we bribe in our house.  


I baked.  with three.  for only moments at a time.

It's possible...but more enjoyable when you bake one on one.


Joy arrives in our mailbox daily.
It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.


As we wandered about on our shopping outing yesterday,

I attempted to show the boys how to do a little random act of kindness.
Both were a tad shy.  But more than once Charley handed a mom with a whiney child a candy cane that calmed her moment.  :)
I'm trying.

I am fully aware of every surface my children touch when we are out and about. 
Sometimes it ruins the moment.  Sometimes I let it go and realize it is life. 
And then I get out the hand sanitizer.

However, going into Charley's school Syd always makes a beeline for the door button to open the door.  On Friday a mom going into the building carrying one of those annoying infant carseats, turned and laughed to me as she used her foot to hit the button.  
I think it is a given that people use their foot to flush a toilet in a public restroom...but that said foot now just hit the button that many people NEED to use...and if they could lift their foot and kick it they probably can use their arm.  I would have gladly opened the door for this lady if she had stepped aside and given me the chance, since I was a few feet behind her.  But now when Syd runs up to push that button with her big smiley face I will cringe.  Happy "watch your girl be a big girl MWF mornings" ruined.


There was nothing that I did this weekend that Friday's tragedy wasn't on my mind. 
It was always there.  


It's Monday and we have one kiddo wearing pjs to school today and another who will have his holiday program.  Noses are still sniffly.  If I could, I would keep all my chicks in the nest this week so we can  be guaranteed to see family in the coming days.  But, the reality is, the germs are here too.  Right?

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Beth said...

Love your random acts of kindness; great idea, especially this time of year!


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