Saturday, December 8, 2012

Friday Joy

Moments of joy and grace abounded me this week. 

One boy.
Second hernia surgery this year.
Thankful for a great doctor and hospital experience.
Filled with grace as we watch our boy awaken and bounce back even quicker this round. 
So appreciative that Grandma Charlie could come and care for Syd and Charley so we could relax and focus.  It is times like this when we miss living closer to family, but realize how blessed we are to have friends that offer so graciously to help in so many ways.  

One boy.
Up on stage.
first concert.
The reality that there is no PERFECT seat at a school gym concert to capture pictures does not overshadow the fact that the PERFECT seat is just being able to sit in the gym with your child up on stage.  
Tears fall for this mama when she hears the orchestra pluck their first song together. 
Proud of this boy and amazed at the whole experience.

The concert was a demonstration...
The instructor went over all that they have been working on so that us parents who encourage the practicing to take place 4 days a week for 15 minutes (joy. joy. joy.) have a little more of a clue as to what we should be seeing and hearing. 

This week Henry and I baked Peanut butter cookies and we are enjoying them here at home...since I realized peanut butter cookies aren't a good choice for a school function,  (thanks for the feedback friends!), we have been enjoying them here at home. 

And as we wake this Saturday morning, a little behind to post with this Friday Link up, I am so grateful that we have decked the halls with some twinkling lights and touches of generations past from both Ed's family and mine.  

Joy this weekend will be taken as it comes, slow and steady.  
Caring for our recuperating little man Henry...dealing with a possible Pink Eyed but still bright eyed  up to no good little sister....absorbing this age and this stage of the biggest brother in our house.  Enjoying the dusting of snow that accumulated overnight.
Good Morning, friends.

Where will your joy appear today?

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Raina and Andy said...

You are so lucky to have touches from generations past. Makes my heart sad that I don't really...but I guess we eat breakfast lunch and dinner with grandma and grandpa schneider every day. Glad Henry is bouncing back. Ant wait to see your healthy kids soon! Can't believe charley and that violin. Did u tell m aunt raina played that instruments too? Fun. Nice post.

bettyl said...

I'm sure the two of you enjoyed the company as well as the cookies!

Beth said...

Glad to hear Henry bounced back well. Two with pink-eye...that sounds like trouble! Thank goodness for meds!

I miss the days of hearing a violin in the house. Yes, I even miss the squeak! The kids pick it up fast though!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Here's to hoping tomorrow's swim meet is canceled due to 12 inches of snow!! :-)


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