Monday, December 10, 2012

a shirt and some rambles...

A week or so ago I found this shirt for Syd at a consignment store.  It was on a sale rack, which at a consignment store means it probably isn't in the best of shape.  It is stretched out and not fresh looking.  But how could I pass up a shirt like this for my girl.  

Since Thanksgiving our house has experienced croup, ear infections, bronchitis, hernia surgery, pink eye, colds....we have been a pretty healthy crew up until Thanksgiving.  And now I am super paranoid, because I am determined to do all the traveling that we have scheduled this month.  

Charley brought home a note saying "pink eye" was going around at school.  He didn't get it.  But Syd and Henry have it.  I kept Henry home from preschool the two weeks before his surgery since he had a tiny cough and I didn't want him to catch anything else on top of that.  His cough is a tad more strong and pink eye settled in anyway.  So we are home again today. 

As we start to rebound here I am so paranoid and almost feeling like isolating ourselves for the next two weeks.  We didn't make it to my family for Thanksgiving and that weighed heavy on my heart.  I don't want Christmas to disappoint.  

These are just the thoughts that are on my mind these days.
With a family of five there are so many variables...throw in there a 12 inch snow storm this has me not feeling confident for the upcoming holiday travel.  

A puffy pink eye didn't keep my girl from getting a little work done on her laptop. 
How cute is that.

This girl of ours makes Henry giggle constantly just by being her little old self.  She is busy and plays so independent for BIG chunks of the day.  For example, daddy and boys were watching a cooking show on HGTV the other day and what does she do...she brings in all her cooking stuff and sets up shop right there on the ottoman at their feet.  She builds legos with or without her brothers for 20 minute chunks of time, and doesn't forget about her babies or purse during all her busy play.  

She is talking more and more and I give her two more months and we will have a full on chatter box of a girl on our hands.  Right now it is things like "done."  "milch."  
"sssttk." (for sticker) lots of "MINE!."  and "NO."  And "cookie."  She may or may not have said, "elfy" when she spotted our elf on the shelf first one morning.  But this mama waits and waits to hear her call her brothers something.  

She sits on our lap now and reads books.  She loves to pick them and she has definite opinions about which book is the right choice at any given moment.  Why is it that every parent starts to freak and worry that their child will never show an interest in book and will therefore be a horrible reader if they aren't into sitting on a lap at some point  and looking at books at some point during the very early years....and then all of a sudden it all clicks and you have a little devourer of books.

The boys and I were just talking about how last Christmas she was pretty immobile.  She sat all pretty in front of the tree.  She was little and had only a little hair.  She was easy and  go with the flow.  And now she is going into our arts and crafts cupboard all sneaky to get markers and paper (always the blue and black markers when left to retrieve her own).  The girl is growing up, sitting criss cross style, and letting us know what she wants, and thinks more and more clearly every day.  

And last week Grandma Charlie came to help with Henry and Syd so we could focus on Henry during his surgery.  And she brought along Aunt Sara's dog, Floyd.  He is such a gentle giant.  And Syd enjoyed having him around.  I found myself having moments imagining our house with a four legged friend roaming around.  hmmmm....

 We best start bundling because we are going to stomp through the snow to get Charley to school today, which means there are a lot of snow pants, boots, and mittens to gather and put on.    I wonder what Syd will think.  I feel like at this age, each year is almost like a first time experience.  Hope my camera is charged...stay tuned for some magical winter shots...I am hoping.  

It's Monday and we are continuing to hunker down and enjoy the cozy of our home as we conquer these little sick bugs that have entered our life.  

Christmas music plays almost constantly. 
Our tree lights are lit all. day. long.  
Presents are getting wrapped.
And a holiday craft is on the agenda for today. 

fa la la la laaa
la la

I would ask how your weekend is but the comment thing on here isn't getting much action.  Anytime anyone writes anything it makes my day.  But I know it is a busy time of year.  But if you do have a minute...I would love to know what's on your Christmas list this year?  What present you are excited to give?  What you are doing today?  Has any sickness happened in your house?  What was your favorite moment this weekend?  Are you getting Christmas cards...I love that Ed looks at a handful of ours and asks...who are they?...and I get to say they are my blog friends!  

Okay, time to find Syd's snow pants!  
Happy Monday!


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I hear you about wanting to isolate before holiday travels. Every year I feel like that. But then with two in school I just can't.
This morning had us at a cookie exchange. This afternoon will have me running some errands that I am not wanting to do. Would rather curl up with a book at home.
Hope your little ones feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

both my boys are sick-ish. hope to get it all out of our systems so we can see you! we are getting a few christmas cards but not that many. i just got mine (most) out today! present i'm most excited about giving is an "S.C" gift for ED muwahahahhahaha. i also can't wait for christmas DAY at our house just us 4 (+bailee). eli will be so excited. i also can't wait to hear syd talk. you are so lucky and blessed that she can play by herself. i need to send eli to Camp Wroblewski so he can learn manners and play skills :) cute shirt on syd. RR

shellycoulter said...

Love her shirt! :) So cute! Email me your address and I will send you our card. They should arrive here tomorrow or the next day. Excited to sit down and write notes on each of them. :) Gift giving --I'm super excited about all my gifts this year. Found great things for Matt. Snapped the perfect picture of my parents four great grandkids together in a top-secret photoshoot over Thanksgiving so they are getting large framed prints of that. :) The boys are easy and I know they will love what we got them. PLUS!...the boys are outgrowing the cute footy jammy stage. They still wear them but they aren't the cute carters soft fleece ones. They now have Darth Vader and Angry Birds on them. So I think I'm going to finally go for it and make a big blanket for them made from scraps of all their baby jammy's. They love seeing them in pictures or when we go through the rubbermaids to get clothes out for Sim I think they will really like it. :) Now I just need to do it! :) haha!

Barb said...

I am excited so far to give an SC gift to Andy and one for Bob and Liz, all different and they make me smile! Need to work on the little grand children's gifts next, FUN. Concert in the basilica Saturday night was awesome and so moving.


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