Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome a month of Grace!

What does one do when her eldest child becomes a second grader and flies the coop for 6 and a half hours a day?

  September will be full of Grace.

Grace for a cozy home.
Three healthy kids.
Boys who will go off to school experiences this year that will challenge them.
Grace for a supportive husband.
Family who let us come visit.
A sister who emails and is an amazing pep talker.
Grace for a garden that is producing a plethora of tomatoes.
Grace for a fridge full of food, a wine rack full of wine, and a bathroom cupboard full of tp.

Grace for a good friend who is letting me watch her little Grace for the month of September.

Grace for a camera that has the abilty to make messes in the background look good!
We are back in the mindset of "mama ain't getting much done unless there are some naps going on here."  And this month those naps have to land just so-- if any progress is going to be made on 'To do lists.  But we're good with that.  Game on!  

Welcome Ms. Grace!

What are you grateful for this month so far?


Loco YaYa said...

while i was reading this it made me reflect on the things that are wonderful in my life.

until i got to the end.

what kind of freaking camera is that that made your mess look good?? i surely need one of those. bahhahaha.

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for a dear friend who made a challenge in my early parenting years as painless as possible. Breathing a lot easier knowing that my baby girl is with an amazing friend and mom.

Grace's Mommy

Raina and Andy said...

Grace sure is cute. Would be fun to get her together with hughie louie!

i'm greatful for a gloomy day today. sometimes i just need that-fits my mood.

I'm also greatful for being part time. i'm a new woman.

always greatful for health. always always always. don't want anything scary to sneak into my family.



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