Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Picture update of Charley's first day of school

He came home smiling.
He had only good things to say.
He liked his teacher and his class.
He saw old friends on the playground and has a plan to play with them all week. 
I continue to remind him that everyone needs a friend at school and that the new classmates might be fun to play with two.  But I am also thankful that all his buddies who are all together in another classroom are including him.  
He ate most of his lunch and assured me that by Christmas he should be better at eating his whole lunch in the short amount of time they are given.  
When dad got home and asked him how is day was he responded, "Great!"
During nap time yesterday Henry and I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies 
for an after school treat.  
And he even made it through football practice last night.  
Overall, for a typical boy who is probably never going to go on and on with details...I think he had a pretty darn good first day of second grade.  


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