Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning Coffee chat...

We are on week four of this daily trio.
And they are enjoying each other to the max.

Warning...rock star hair in the house!

Here is Miss Sydney representing the Packers...
Doesn't she do them proud...all rough and tough with the crazy rock star hair.
She is decked out today in her Packer Jersey because the Pack plays tonight.  
Mom and Ed...aren't you proud I thought to put her in this today?!

I couldn't resist the skinny jeans with the silver boots too.
And then there these unreasonable boots that we had to put on for a brief time on Saturday.

Our weekend left us lacking sleep.  Ed and I realized that we were in the throws of newborn sleep disorders here.  Syd slept through the night, pretty much, from day one...besides waking to nurse.  Her fingers soothed.  On Saturday we hit the ultimate worst. night. ever.  
She was pretty much up fussing, crying, and even jumping and squealing for a period until 4 am when we finally got her settled in until the wonderful hour of like...6am or something.  The loss of her fingers is a loss for us all.  

But an update...they are healing.  They are looking less black and blue and they have scabbed over around the nail so when she pulls the bandage off at 1am (like last night) it doesn't gush blood like Friday afternoon.  So we are getting there.  We should be using just a band aid by midweek...I am hoping.  


Two new songs that are my favorite running songs right now...and they aren't the pop/dance type songs.  They are just plain great!  

The Guy that Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind  by Griffin House

Holy cow! If I could play this to all my college friends at some point in our college career.  The message is one I hope I can remember to play for my daughter when she is pining away over some guy who "says goodbye."  


It's Time by Imagine Dragons.  Just a plain great song!  Give them a listen!

I am taking the time to this week to log what I am eating on a phone app.  
My sister, a dietitian, is taking a peek and pointing out some things I can tweek. 
I didn't want to change up my eating...I wanted to see changes from working out.  
I love to eat.  But I think changing up a few small things couldn't hurt.  
I will never be a no carb girl.  And I enjoy eating too much to cut out significant things. 
But cutting down, being aware, and noticing what choices mean to my calorie intake will be good. 
We'll see how the week goes.  


Syd got into one of our kitchen cupboards that stores all our water they are now smattered about the house.  It is quite hilarious when little ones do things like this.  Because the spots they choose to put these items are always quite interesting.


Today my goal is to work on meal planning a bit for our week.  
This weekend I made the fish tacos that one of my favorite bloggers wrote about here
She mentions the premade fish and I came across it at CostCo this weekend and it was so yummy!  We'll do that again this week, I think.  
I also winged it with making guacamole and the addition of some tomatoes from our garden and some red onion made it pretty darn special.  Yum!

And for breakfast this week, since it is a goal to get that into my daily routine, I made a big batch of steal cut oats and portioned it out and add frozen blueberries and some hemp seeds to it.  So far two mornings of healthy breakfast.  Hoping to keep it up.  Coffee with creamer just isn't the only nourishment this mama should be having first thing.


 I started reading this book that my mom got me for my birthday.  
It had me attacking the kids toy room and removing a garbage bag full of stuff.  
But it isn't just about "stuff".  It is a good one!


I also am reading I Didn't Plan to be a Witch by Linda Eyre.  A great one to make you laugh and read a chapter here and there.
She is an amazing parenting guru and all their books...and they have a ton..... are becoming available for REALLY cheap or free.  You can go here to check in from time to time to see which ones are available so far.  I LOVE the Joyful Mother (free online).  I got that one for Christmas.  And I have the Entitlement Trap too.


Ed got out Charley's homework this weekend and we conquered the start of that.  
I can say now that it has started.  He has reading and math from time to time, a weekly word of the week challenge.  Spelling this week has been mastered.  Always nice to start out strong, although that gives him (and me) the illusion that studying isn't super important.  
And Violin started last week.  He is pretty pumped.  I can't wait to see him with it.  Another week or two before they bring that home. 


Henry is doing great going to school.  He doesn't make a fuss and talks so proud of his teachers, building, and class.  I am really glad we are trying this new thing for him.  I think it being new and a mystery to Charley has really really helped him be so proud.  


We hit up the farmer's market this weekend.  I have a big bowl of carrots to cut up and radishes coming out of our ears.  Peppers are a love of Henry's so we have a fridge full of those too. 


Gracie girl is waking up and Sydney's diaper is permeating an oder that has me thinking, "I best go change that diaper before our house smells like dirty diaper forever."


Seriously, go listen to those songs today.  

The temps here are supposed to be autumn perfect by afternoon.  
So we will enjoy them this afternoon. 

Onward!  It is Monday! 

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Kristen @ Motherese said...

I love Sydney's ensemble! My little one also rocks the rock star hair - crazy and spiky and blond. So cute! Isn't it so fun to dress these (big) baby girls after all those boy clothes? ;)

Good luck in the game tonight!


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