Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday morning coffee chat...

 This week Miss Gracie learned to "save some for later" in case Sarah forgets to feed her with all the other kiddos running around.  Seriously though, she has found her place here and we are in a groove.  Naps happen.  Bottles get sucked down.  She knows where she can and can't go and heads right where she shouldn't.  Miss Sydney knows more and more how to play with her babies as she watches mama take care of a baby.  

I have been lucky to get to visit with a long time best friend each morning and afternoon...and many days I am jealous of her cute outfit that she heads off to work in.  What a treat to see Miss Gracie in her outfits from day to day...instead of just once in a while.  This truly is such a fun opportunity.  

And in between keeping everyone from standing on chairs....Miss Syd actually was placed on a chair to help bake this week.  She and Henry helped make chocolate zucchini bread which wasn't a favorite for the boys.  But Syd loves it.  

This week I packed up my crew and headed to Target for a few items.  A few items because Grace in her car seat took up the main basket area and Syd was in the cart seat.  So everything had to go under the cart and at check out I realized I was going to have to carry the bagged groceries while pushing the cart and keeping Henry near by.  We rocked it.  Goes to show that you just have to do stuff to learn you can.  

We have cooled it with the cartoons before school.  The boys now have a list of must do stuff they have to accomplish before and after school before any screen would be considered.  We have changed up our allowance / chore stuff here.  They now get $3.00 a week if they do all the things we ask, when we ask, without a big fuss.  Things like putting away laundry, picking up toys, taking out the trash, getting the mail, dumping the compost scraps, setting the table, clearing their spot, sweeping the floor, emptying the dishwasher, and the list goes on.  It was WAY too hard to mark things when they did them and I decided the goal is helpers...not them asking after / or before each thing we ask what they get.  This way they just do it.  And if they don't then their $3...gets questioned.  

This morning is the morning where we have three places to be at 9:10.  We'll rock it by prioritizing and relaxing.  

Tomorrow will be another brisk morning of this.  

Sydney is rocking the sock.  I thought it was going to be a battle all day. 
But she just went about her business yesterday.  So adaptable. 
And last night bedtime was a little extra special...with some rocking and singing and sitting in there trying to send her the go to sleep vibe...she fell into a peaceful slumber and slept through the night without her little finger sucking thing disturbing her.  WOO HOO! you watch?  If you do...could you hold it together during the last 10 minutes of the show.  I could not.  There may have been an attempt to keep my sobs quiet but there was sobbing.  They chose the perfect way to share that moment...the music and no talking thing was sooooo perfect.  It was incredible.  And I loved that Ed happened to see it.  I just love that show.  SO MUCH.  

My all call for a visitor on Monday gifted us with our first official visit from Uncle Greg and Aunt Liz...and even though we only saw them for a half hour this morning when it was still dark was so fun to see them.  

Boy Scout wreath sales begin this afternoon.  If you are interested give me a shout out and I will send our Boy Scout your way.  I was so excited to hear that delivery weekend is once again Ed's hunting that means I will be trekking around town with a van load of wreaths....and three kids.  The joys and gifts of this job.  (And Ed did break this news with a HUGE grin on his face - nice.)

TGIF~  Make the last hours of this week count!  So you feel that much more ready to enjoy your weekend! GO!


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

love all the little odds and ends in this post.
so fun.
you are one of the ones inspiring me to bake and cook more be proud!
also, i mentally bookmark all your kid activities in my brain's filing cabinet..we have borrowed so many ideas!
hope that tiny finger tip heals quickly (it will). i had a broken hand (every single bone across the back of my hand) when i was 2.5 from falling out of bed while sleep "walking" and had plenty of adventures learning to use my left hand etc. Adaptable is the exact right word. She may just be a little rebel, but boy will she make you smile, too!

The Tompkins Family said...

Okay, I missed that....her broken finger is one of her special 2 fingers?? Eeep!

I adore Parenthood. But, I still have all of last season to watch. I requested it from the library and should be here anyway...hopefully!

Shannon said...

I thought of you while I was crying through the end of Parenthood last night. So sorry about Syd's fingers! My son who is Sydney's age also had an accident last week requiring stitches, so I can understand how awful that experience was for you. Glad she's able to sleep!

Raina and Andy said...

Wish we were closer so we could have real coffee talk. Or later wine at 5 or 430 or whenever we needed. I guess FaceTime will suffice. Thanks for introducing me to parenthood. I'm watching while running and it helps pass the time. Picture me crying on the treadmill. Hahah rr


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